Opportunities to get involved:

There are 2 opportunities to get involved:

  1. Present an interactive exhibit for children or families
  2. Offer the general public the chance to be involved in your research


Present an interactive stand for children or families

This option will allow you to present at one or both of the Science fairs that are part of the Bath Taps into Science Festival.  You will have an exhibition stand and present your research in an interactive manner for primary school students and/or the general public (usually families with young children). You will be able to talk about the impact of your research on people’s everyday lives and show why research in your area is so important.

Presenting at the science fairs at Bath Taps will also be good preparation for larger national and international science fairs such as the Big Bang Fair, the British Science Festival or The Royal Society Summer exhibition.


Offer the general public the chance to be involved in your research

This option would allow you to use the visitors to the Schools Science Fair and/or the Family Science Fair as participants in your research. The Schools Science Fair would give you access to over 1,600 primary school children in one place on one day, and the Family Fair access to over 5,000 members of the public (mainly families) on one day. You may undertake any ethically approved research and could involve visitors completing questionnaires or doing their own data collection in the form of citizen science.

To apply for your exhibition stand please complete the form below.

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